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Where to begin when it comes to buying art on a budget…

Tuesday nights draw a crowd on our Lloyds Auctions website as our featured art pieces of the week go under the hammer!

If you’re new to the art game, please, don’t be intimidated! You may think that buying and collecting art is for the rich and famous that like to drop big dollars on pieces by Picasso, Warhol and Renoir.

But, buying gorgeous art is affordable for most people, you just have to know how to go about it!

A home looks empty and sad without art on the walls. Collecting original art is a great way to add character and your own special touch to your home or office. Plus, a great piece of art can be the ultimate talking point!

To celebrate our Tuesday night art spectaculars, we delve into the key things to consider when buying your first pieces of art.


Luckily, Australia tends to be one of the world’s most affordable places to buy art, so you’re in a great place to start! A good first priority for a new buyer or collector is to focus on what your budget is.

Before you even start looking at art and trying to decide what to buy, you should decide how much you want to spend.

You don’t need riches to buy art, start small and your collection will soon grow over time!

There are also bargains to be had, especially in our rare UNRESERVED auctions! Keep an eye out and you could score a big name, for a small price!

Size and Medium

Try and get the most bang for your buck! For example, if you have two paintings at $500 each, choose the bigger painting.

Go as big as you can so you have a stand-out work to show for your efforts!

Or you can start with small works if that’s what you feel more comfortable with. Small to medium sized pieces can be great as they can easily be moved around until you find the perfect spot to suit.

As for the medium, art on paper is considered in less demand than canvas and therefore, usually costs much less.

If original art prices are still too steep for your budget, photographs are a favourite for a more affordable alternative to paintings or sketches.

Black and white photography has become a very contemporary way of decorating a room.


The best way to get stunning work cheaply is to buy art by emerging artists.

The work might go up in value, but that’s something to think about later. It’s amazing what you can find by artists who aren’t as well known. There is some beautiful and unique work in our auctions!

But a more balanced way to start collecting or buying art is to invest in works by both lesser-known, and established names.

Get on social media, especially Instagram, and start following local Aussie artists to get to know their story and art a bit more.

When you buy original works, you enable that artist to continue their work and career. It may sound cheesy, but your purchase does actually have an impact on them! Now, that’s pretty cool!

If your budget can’t accommodate an original piece, consider limited edition prints.

Limited editions are usually a very small number of prints, that are numbered and signed by the artist and are still the same piece you love.


But the main thing to consider when buying art is buying what you love! Although trends come and go, what you love will always bring you joy and if it isn’t expensive, then that’s even better.

Ask yourself questions that determine what it is that you like about the artist’s work?

Does it excite you? Do you love a work because you’ve stopped thinking because your mind travels when you look the work?

If you really are stumped for ideas, then go with graphic prints. These are timeless and sleek, and they have a place in every room, from the bathroom at home to the boardroom at the office!

But really, you can’t go wrong anyway. The art you buy doesn’t have to appeal to everyone else, it’s about what you love!

Buy what you love and buy what you can afford. It really is that easy!

This is a basic and solid foundation for starting to buy art. If you follow those two rules, you can’t go wrong.

So, do you get the picture? Brush shoulders with every piece of art that comes through our auctions by signing up to our email alerts!

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